Sunday, July 16, 2017

Brendan Rodgers Reacts To Kundai Benyu's Impressive First Team Debut At Celtics

 In just 70 minutes of his first team debut at Scottish Champions Celtics F.C the young Zimbabwean sensation Kundai Benyu has already satisfied former English premier league top manager, Brendan Rodgers that he is a top class player.

The 19-year-old former Ipswich Town midfielder and Aldershot Town star, whom initially, the Celtics boss had intended to temporarily loan out in the opening six months to get game time, impressed in his first team debut in a 0-4 loss to French league one side Olympique Lyonnais on Saturday and made the former Liverpool gaffer decide otherwise.

Speaking on Benyu's debut Rodgers said, “He has surprised me to be honest. I knew he was a good player. You see what we are trying to build here in players who are technically gifted but they have to have good mobility and physicality, and he has that.

“He has come in and played with a nice little edge. He’s competitive and he has confidence. We played him off the side where he can come in and help the team dominate the ball on the inside.

“How he receives the ball is very good. He’s an attacking player who wants to get goals and he’s quite exciting. I thought he was very good for a 19-year-old coming into this environment and, looking at him at close-hand, he has done very well.

“Initially the plan was to have him in, thinking he could come in and get an idea of how we work and then go on loan. But I have changed my mind with him over this period of time, just watching him.

“He is certainly a boy who can contribute for us and he has done very well.” said Rodgers on the club website.


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