Saturday, October 27, 2018

Costa Nhamoinesu Opens Up On Race Abuse In Czech's Top Football League As He Heads Fight Against The Scourge!

In this day and age where conscious awakening is widely becoming a new phenomenon, It is disheartening  to find out racism is still considered a dividing factor among humans- it is so 'back in the cave'- so old fashioned- it's like playing 'long ball' in the modern day football system.

In Europe, where one would consider people to be more enlightened, open minded and tolerate of the fact that we are fundamentally the same, but appear in this reality slightly different forms, is still hard a theses for them to comprehend- the primitive use of racism as a dividing factor is still rampant in the so called 'developed world'.

As revealed by Zimbabwe's Czech based AC Sparta Prague defender, Costa Nhamoinesu who was recently made one of the main characters of the club's UEFA and FARE Network invented campaign against racism and discrimination in football in Europe.

In his story, the Warriors defender revealed the nasty side of European football, Poland and Czech in particular, where the tall defender has played and constantly been a target of racist lows.

"It is depressing to hear that someone is judging you according to where you come from, according to the color of your skin," said Nhamoinesu in an exclusive interview with Czech media Zpravy

"Some people are always trying to make me feel like i don't belong here (football field), but this is my home, this is where i belong. This is my world.

The Spartan defender who came from humble beginnings in Zimbabwe where he was taught to appreciate life in its fullness, beyond hues and shades- has had several ugly incidents of racial abuse from spectators and more disturbingly- from fellow football players (opponents) in the Czech top flight league, but Nhamoinesu has a clear command from the club- to focus on the game.

 "Maybe its unfair, but its something we really call for players. Just as we urge them not to respond to rivalry, explains AC Sparta Prague director Ondrej Kasik

AC Sparta Prague has for many years been repeatedly had problems with racism and anti-Semitic behavior of some of its fans.

The Club has suffered UEFA Discplinary Commission sanctioned punishment for several times, but the management has since improved the situation significantly due to hiring of more black players and stuff in the team, but the fight against this scourge is not yet victorious.

The Club has since joined UEFA and FARE projects to continue with the fight against racism and Nhamoinesu has been found a fitting ambassador to represent the club.

"We've decided the Zimbabwean is the right person for the #FootballPeople event, which is very credible to the Spartan audiences. They know he respect club values," said Ondrei Kasik

"He is a kid who came from Zimbabwe and who can tell an interesting story of what conditions he has," he said.

Nhamoinesu will be partnered by his AC Sparta Prague teammate and captain Josef Sural in heading this campaign.


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